Detached compassion

Sometimes love means allowing others to learn from their own suffering rather than trying to take the suffering away. We all learn our greatest lessons from the challenges in our lives, and the misguided desire to save someone pain can actually prolong it. The struggles of the world awaken empathy within us and allow us to relate to others. When you witness someone caught in the distress and frustration of an inner struggle, remembering that their soul is engaged in profound growth may help you to judge them less.

The greatest gifts that you can give another are kindness and acceptance. Our role is to create a space in which a transformation can occur – this is how you assist those you love. In the silence of the heart, love whispers. Spiritual work is possible Now – notice whatever arises and choose to see the value in it. Let life guide you through the layers of perception and repeatedly seek to expand into love.

Today my intention is to remember that we all walk the transformative path to freedom.

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