Solitude and celebration

Love is possible only when you are fearless. In the silence of stillness we can discover our own inner potential, beauty and ability to love. The human condition prompts us to seek out one another – to engage in lessons, contrasts, support, connection and communion – but when we base our joy upon others for fulfillment, we begin to block the flow the authentic flow of love. Create a silent space within you where love can reside. Let it be filled with innocence and wonder, awe and clarity. In that space, the concept of “I” disappears and we become more aware of the spark of the Divine within us.

Discover the beauty in the moments of solitude, the freedom of it, the purity of it, and choose to become one with all that you see… the wildness of spring, the smile of a dog, the purr of a kitty, the caress of a breeze… interactions are sacred when we approach each moment with this sense of openness and possibility.

Today my intention is to dance with the Divine, be open to love and accept what is.

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