Inner stillness

When we cultivate stillness within ourselves, we are less likely to react to the unconsciousness of others. More than ever before, it’s time to trust your inner wisdom and the guidance of your heart. Sometimes this requires being comfortable seeing life through a filter that is far different from those around you while honoring beliefs, lessons and viewpoints that are incongruent with yours.

Everyone with whom you interact wants the same thing – acceptance. Since we are all on a path of constant transformation, acceptance doesn’t mean that change will not happen. Rather, the space of non-judgment ensures that growth is possible.

As your journey takes you deeper into your own spiritual maturity, rest assured that divine guidance is always available. Whatever teachings or new concept make themselves known to you, honor your inner guidance first. The gift of wisdom is yours.

The role of a spiritual teacher is to connect you with conscious awareness of your own inner light. First, look inward and transform yourself. When your life is aligned with peace, joy and balance, you have more to give those you love. The Buddha once said, “Life in joy, in peace, even among the troubled.” For this reason, those who grace our lives (whether they bring love or challenge) are wonderful teachers.

Today my intention is to celebrate life and share love.

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