The gift of acceptance

Each time we greet another person on our journey with kindness, dignity and respect, we help all those around us. Every action sends waves of energy out into the world and the reverberations are infinite.

The key to tapping into this incredible power is mindfulness. Become aware of the energy behind your thoughts. When you pay attention, you’ll notice when certain thoughts are created by fear or a low sense of self-worth. They will be attached to a particular outcome, defensiveness or anxiety. In those moments, slow down and listen to your body. Breathe more slowly and purposefully release the identification with the thought that is not aligned with joy.

Once you become aware and observe, the next step is to rest in loving-kindness or not knowing the outcome of a particular situation. With consciousness, old behaviors can be transformed until the pattern is released. Ultimately you will set yourself free from fear. It is in this space that we can recognize and honor the sacredness in another.

Today my intention is to joyfully take one more step forward.

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