Trust the process of your awakening

When we truly love ourselves, everything in our life works. It’s often difficult to see the pain that we carry. For this reason, our human experience is set up as a series of reflections. Our beliefs, fear and expectations are mirrored by those around us and on a larger scale, our global challenges are seen in the collective patterns that we witness around us.

People often lament about the challenging times in which we live. They strive to make things around them better by recycling, organizing fund-raisers, striving to achieve a cause, educating, etc. However, unless we do our work on the inner and create the changes first within ourselves, we will continue to see the patterns repeat in our lives and experience.

We can begin by understanding that this moment is perfect. Whatever needs to unfold will, and because our infinite Universe is ever-changing and evolving, we can choose to consciously participate in the dance. Every moment is a new beginning and we have the power to change our circumstances by changing our response to them.

No matter where you are on the Path of Transformation, remember that you (and everyone around you) are doing the very best that you can in this moment based upon soul age, experience and knowledge and the unique journey of your soul. As you evolve, so will your choices and perception.

Today my intention is to trust the process of my awakening. All that I need to know will be revealed at the perfect time in the perfect way.

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