Infinite possibility

You are here to awaken to the knowledge of your own true nature as a divine, infinite spirit of pure potential.
That’s right! I choose to reside within the realm of infinite possibility

We live in a world where we are bombarded with information, marketing, opinions and told what to believe before we’ve had the opportunity to process the experience. Speculation and judgment rule conversations and it sometimes seems that all focus is on the projection of the future rather than the inherent beauty and potential to be found within the present moment.

Old souls walk a different road because they process their experiences from a higher perspective. On a planet which consists of mostly mature and young souls, part of our challenge is to maintain faith in this higher perspective while living authentically and teaching by example.

The awakened spirit understands that all perceptions add richness to the tapestry of which we all are a part. We dream a new world into being by opening to possibility, being willing to accept a miracle and encouraging growth – both in ourselves and in those around us. Practice living beyond human expectation and limitation and allow the source of all life to flow through you. Keep things simple. Miracles happen when we get out of our own way.

Today, my intention is to allow truth to express itself through my words and actions. I am open to love.

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