Dance in the rain

Embody the love, presence and freedom that is the essence of your true nature.
That’s right! I now find simple ways to quiet the mind and open my heart

There is a wise passage through life… one that calls the awakened to walk its journey. As we learn the peacefulness that is found in mindfulness, generosity, loving-kindness and integrity, our lives become living examples of how to create an atmosphere of safety and trust in an all-too-often frightened world.

The human experience is meant to connect each one of us in compassion learned through commonality of our experiences. At some point, all of us have known love and loss, joys and sorrow, life and death, hopes and fears, and ultimately we discover the thread of understanding that connects us all. This takes lifetimes to achieve and leads to freedom and liberation.

When you can find the joy within the sorrow, the beauty within the challenge and the light of communion with the Divine in your interactions, then you are playing within the paradox of being a spiritually awakened human. Trust your intuition and begin with the actions that best serve your heart. As you transform your perspective, the world around you is transformed.

Today, my intention is to embody compassion and joy, knowing that all change begins within.

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