Living your truth

Trust the processes of your awakening.
That’s right! Every situation helps me to become more aligned with my true nature

The ego demands guarantees before taking action; however, trust is a leap into the unknown. The mind procrastinates while the heart leads you toward the goal. Whenever you find yourself pausing, ask yourself, “What am I afraid to lose?” Nothing will ever leave you empty when you are living your souls truth.

The prison of what others think is built with layer upon layer of worry, doubt and fear and losing such self-created misery is a step in freedom. Choose to live life in its totality with awareness and meditation – begin Now, in this moment. There is no need to pause. This is not a renunciation of life in favor of being “more spiritual,” and in fact, the opposite is true. It allows you to drop anything which blocks you from living authentically and madly in love with life.

Expand your boundaries. Know that you are guided each and every step of the way. Dance in the light of love… and from there, anything is possible.

Today, my intention is to easily and comfortably release all that I no longer need.
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