Know thyself.
That’s right! I honor the role that my each member of my family has played in my awakening

You have the ability to live far beyond happiness and misery, in a state that has no opposite – Bliss. Whatever you choose to experience, do it fully. Immerse yourself within the present moment by being aware, accepting, mindful and consciously choose to embrace what is.

Whatever you see is a projection of what is happening inside of you. The pleasures and pains of life transform as we age and the play will continue as long as it is required for our growth. It’s a wonderful practice to revisit the triggers of your past (something many choose to do around the holidays or by spending time with family) to see how much you have progressed on your journey.

Notice how others expect you to be. Notice what you are attached to and how the mind responds to the various situations you are presented. Certain aspects will show you tremendous growth while others may regress you in surprising ways. Be the observer, honoring the role each person is playing in this lifetime… but most importantly, honor yourself by choosing to say “Yes” to life.

Today, my intention is to be gentle and kind with myself as I grow and change
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