The transformative power of kindness

Loving actions weave new patterns in the world around us.
That’s right! I am joyful and choose to live in harmony with life
Freedom and change are in the air. It’s time to disregard old ways of being and step into the transformative power of kindness. When we trust life to be wonderful and see the potential within the present moment, old triggers and pains begin to fall away. From this space of awareness we discover the capability to act without fear, to give without expectation and to be the change we wish to see in the world.The Universe completely supports every thought and belief that you choose to carry. Realize that you are unlimited in your ability to create good in your life. You are awakening. You are a gift and whirlwinds of possibility are swirling all around you in this moment.

Today, my intention is to choose to be fulfilled in all areas of my life.
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