I am…

It is said that the words “I am” are the most powerful words one can use… because whatever follows them becomes your reality.
That’s right! I am willing to grow and change. Every moment provides an opportunity to become more aware of who I truly am

What if…? What if you began each day with unconditionally loving and supportive statements about yourself and what you wish to create? Your words have power. They send ripples of energy throughout the Universe. They plant the seeds of tomorrows experience.

As a conscious creator, be aware of your words and ensure that they are in alignment with your goals and desires. Your statements can support or sabotage, propel you forward or stop you in your tracks. When you choose to say “Yes!” to life, you’ll notice that your journey opens in amazing ways.

Take the time to replenish your spirit. Moments spent nurturing yourself are very powerful indeed for they set the stage for joy.

Today, my intention is to be willing to explore my own shadows knowing that I will emerge out the other side, courageous and transformed.

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