Infinite possibilities

When you’re ready to create vibrant and wonderful new changes in your life, it’s important to focus upon the end result of happiness. Happiness implies that things are flowing well… good health, friendships, financial flow, satisfying work and excitement on the Path of Transformation. Think big! The Universe has to expend the same amount of energy to manifest changes – whether large or small – and where we place our attention, the energy flows.

As we create the space in which something new can emerge, we need to do our part by taking conscious steps forward. Explore outside of your comfort zone, ensure that every possible avenue is open, be ready to receive a miracle and then release attachment to how things “should” unfold. Many times the Universe, in its infinite wisdom and vision, has so much more to provide than our limited expectations can conceive.

When operating from high vibration energies of happiness, joy, enthusiasm or gratitude, we draw in the circumstances that resonate with our frequency. Nothing of delight has ever been created from fear, doubt or worry, and in fact those very energies actually repel all the good that wants to flow into your experience. In essence, when we reside in fear, we are telling the Universe that we aren’t yet ready to receive (typically because of doubts regarding our worthiness or the fear of failure).

Begin now. Find joy in the little things and allow it to expand outward throughout every area of your life. Open the heart chakra and be kind to yourself and others, making healthy choices that balance mind, body and spirit. Visualize yourself as a joyful aspect of the Divine and live fully present, powerful and aware. All that you send out into the Universe will surely return to you.

Today my intention is to celebrate the beauty of the day and honor the path of my awakening by sharing my gifts.

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