Awareness is the key to transformation

Trying to change yourself prevents true transformation. Usage of the word trying implies that there is a possibility of failure – we hear people say that they are trying to do better, to lose weight, to be less angry, to meditate more… and if you observe, you may notice that they are the ones who struggle the most.

Awareness is the key to transformation. We notice, observe and ask ourselves without judgment whether the choices we are making are leading us toward empowerment and freedom or keeping us caught within the stories of the ego. Invariable, the concept of trying gets caught up with the energy of the next phrase which surely contains the word but and the reason for missing the mark.

Simply focus upon what you wish to heal in your experience and remain in a high state of consciousness regarding that desire. You can certainly choose things which support your growth each step of the way. If you find that you aren’t, the answer lies within and can often be found in silence. Ultimately, your greatest teacher is your own experience. Spiritual insight cannot be found in a book or teaching, though they can certainly point you in a direction that will assist your inner journey.

Bring a gentle awareness to the layers of your conditioning. The more aware you become, the more power that connects you to the old patterns dissolves. The purpose of life is to become awake to who we truly are – part of the vast mystery residing in a space of infinite possibility. When we choose to see the physical experience as a series of opportunities to discover that truth, obstacles transform into wisdom. Limitation becomes laughter and we walk in harmony with life itself.

Today my intention is to say yes to life. Everything has purpose and my experience within the present moment is not tied to anything which has come before, but to the vastness of the Divine.

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