Trust, grace and getting yourself out of the way

All life is in a constant flow of creation, evolution and transformation. The infinite love of the Divine Intelligence resides within each and every particle of existence and we live more harmoniously within that flow when we are able to get ourselves out of the way.

The more you advance on your journey of spiritual awakening, the easier things become. As we mature, the less likely we are to attempt to control things from our limited perspective and instead allow life to unfold. You are perfection in this moment – yes, perfect even in spite of any perceived imperfection or blockage (and invariable because of it…).

Trusting the unfoldment of your life doesn’t mean floating aimlessly lost in the minutia of experience, rather, it’s a purposeful response and the conscious choice to move in whatever direction is required without losing our way. This flexibility is what allow us to be authentic instruments of Divine intelligence, bringing aspects of creativity and healing into our lives and, by extension, the consciousness of the planet.

One of the most beautiful aspects to living a conscious life is the discovery of the power of grace. Grace comes from trusting in the rightness of what is unfolding, regardless of how it appears, and from cultivating the knowledge that the Divine is more powerful than any perceived obstacle.

Spend the day observing what unfolds in your experience. Stop fighting and move into the energy of acceptance in every moment and see what happens. Notice when the mind wishes to take control (recognizing the voice of ego) and consciously do the opposite of what it directs you to do. You are stronger than you know, dear one. The strength of the Divine flows through you and can be accessed within the stillness of the present moment.

Today my intention is to go with the flow. I choose to embrace joy, trust, love and gratitude and honor all things and all paths as sacred.

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