Honor all paths as sacred

Be proud of your unique gifts. There has never been, nor will there ever be, anyone who brings your perception and talents to the planet. No matter where you reside on the Path of Transformation, you are right where you need to be. It’s empowering to realize that in every moment, you are doing the best you can… and so is everyone around you.

Judgment blocks us from the ability to love. When we become tangled within the egos stories regarding others’ behavior, it distracts us from doing our inner work. Even more debilitating are the blockages we create when we judge ourselves. Personal responsibility calls upon us to see ourselves clearly, but that does not include directing judgment inward. All too often the spiritual seeker gets lost in the “shoulds” and forgets that patience and compassion are the greatest gifts we can offer – both to ourselves and to others.

Embrace the aspects of yourself that might have once made you feel insecure and integrate them into the Wholeness of your spiritual expression in this lifetime. As your confidence increases, so will your ability to participate fully in whatever life has to offer. Spiritual awakening is not meant to detach us from life, but allow us to delve more fully into it. Mastery calls upon us to share ourselves with the world.

Remember, different soul ages are here to experience different things:

  • Infant souls – here to learn about physical survival, primal fears, still connected to the mystical
  • Baby souls – developing and maintaining civilization and order, structure, rigid beliefs
  • Young souls – learning authority, power, greed, heavily identified with the body and ego, success
  • Mature souls – oriented toward group consciousness such as family, community or healing, often have lives filled with emotional drama
  • Old souls – do not fit in with “mainstream” society, engaged in balancing karmic agreements, aligning inner purpose with outer expression

The final lessons of an old soul are based in self-forgiveness, compassion, acceptance and unconditional love toward the self and others. When we understand where others reside on the journey of awakening, it becomes easier to honor their path and accept them where they are. It would be a waste of energy to expect a young soul to understand the perception or actions of a mature or old soul… they haven’t yet reached that stage in their development.

All of us are walking the same road. Be true to yourself, seek spiritual fulfillment, detach from the intensity and recognize your connection to something greater. The best is yet to come.

Today my intention is to honor all paths as sacred.


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