The art of surrender

The ego will tell you that you must win at all costs because it equates loss with death… and it a way, it’s true. Losing the ego results in the death of its control over your life and actions. The art of surrender is a way to empowerment. We recognize and acknowledge the ego’s desire to engage in a power struggle and consciously choose the opposite approach.

When we release that which no longer serves us, we create the space in which something new can emerge. From this perception, surrender and acceptance ultimately lead the way to greater strength, self-control and joy within our experience.

Surrender is nothing more than releasing the fear we have around a particular issue. We discover peace and renewed faith in the process of our awakening, and trust the Universe to support us on the journey.

In the same manner that magnets of the same polarity will repel one another, ego-based desire actually pushes away that which you seek. Acceptance immediately shifts the energy and you become a magnet that attracts. When we move into this receptive mindset, life flows more easily, struggle dissolves and grace emerges.

Choose to accept whatever comes today. Say yes to life and pay attention to how the energy flows around you. You can choose to cultivate the art of surrender and may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of beautiful, vibrant energy that is available for you when it isn’t being wasted in complaining, blaming or struggle. You can create the life of your dreams by living it today with what you have, from where you are.

Today my intention is to accept what is. The miracle of life is all around me.

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