Honor all paths as sacred

In this infinite universe, there are endless ways to celebrate the journey.
That’s Right! I honor your path as sacred

Acceptance and respect are wonderful gifts that we can offer to one another. No matter how one chooses to seek enlightenment, healing and peace, it is all part of the infinite source of love that guides us home.

The beauty of the human experience resides in free will, choice, experimentation, discovery, passion, “aha” moments, change, awakening, freedom and joy. Those who insist that what has worked for them is the only way to achieve enlightenment limit themselves and those around them. Much like differing tastes in books, music or art, the joy is in the discovery.

Seek with an open heart and support others as they too seek the Divine in their own unique way. In such a loving state of openness, we are sure to learn something new in the process.

Today my intention is to create a space in which transformation can occur.
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