Teachers and masters

Those who have changed our lives walk with us forever.
That’s Right! Every experience I have leads me to a greater understanding of my purpose on Earth

Knowledge comes into our experience in many ways… through inspirational books and writings, an authentic teacher, observing the mysteries of nature or the many life lessons that transform our perception.

As we move from teacher to teacher, their words live on. We approach life attempting to view it through their eyes and finding the seed of higher perception that lived within us all along.
Honor your teachers by living authentically. Apply the new knowledge you have assimilated to old situations. Process challenges in different ways until they no longer seem like challenges at all. It’s not that life is suddenly different; however, you will have changed your response to it as your perception reaches new levels of understanding.
And when the time comes, be a teacher for others by demonstrating higher truths – acceptance, kindness, peacefulness. Your light will create ripples of energy that transform the world.

Today my intention is to be grateful for the many teachers of my life.
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