Enlightenment in the real world

Peace is available to me now.
That’s Right! I can choose joy

The goal of enlightenment is not only to discover inner peace and balance, but to bring that beautiful energy out into the world. It’s relatively easy to achieve a state of Zen while living in a cave (or hiding in one’s meditation room), but it takes a master to hold the space of love when someone is screaming in your face… or worse, passive aggressively attempting to undermine confidence and self esteem.

We are here to help one another – through projection, support, teaching and sharing – in every moment we have the opportunity to reach new levels of understanding.

Enlightenment brings freedom. Freedom from drama and anger, freedom from regret or worry, and this freedom, once achieved, will become the foundation from which we experience life.

Consider those whom you admire. The qualities that shine their way into your consciousness can do so only because they are a mirror of your own. See yourself clearly, own your light and share your unique gifts with those who enter your life.

Today my intention is to greet life with an open heart
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