Experience brings self knowledge

Sometimes you have to be who you aren’t in order to discover who you are
That’s Right! I am a spiritual being having a human experience
Experience is a great teacher. Through experience we discover what ignites our passion as well as what leaves us feeling blocked. In frustrating situations we often come to very important realizations that impact the way we choose to approach life thereafter.
Bless the moments of clarity as they arise. Your soul knows the purpose behind challenging moments and living consciously makes the breakthroughs that much more freeing and empowering.
The road that you walk creates sparkling facets which allow the love of the Divine to shine beautifully through you.  Not only are you a light in the world, but you are discovering the necessary balance of dark and light and the perfection which lies within the power of the present moment.
Today my intention is to remember that my purpose is to experience the Divine in everyone and everything. As an infinite being, I am willing to explore all that life has to offer
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