The progression of awakening

Everyone participates in our awakening.
That’s Right! All things work toward my highest good
Spiritual awakening is a progression. Step by step we expand our vision, cultivate new knowledge and find ways to apply it to our lives. Though a shift in consciousness can happen in an instant, more often it occurs over time. Periodically take a moment to assess your responses to life. It’s likely that you’ll discover you process challenges differently, are less reactive and move more quickly from anger to peace. How much have you grown over the last year, or five or ten?
When the ego seeks to distract by planting the thought that you “should be more evolved by now” – recognize that you are exactly where you need to be. Lessons may repeat in differing forms until you’ve had the opportunity to explore every nuance. Myriad situations will arise which allow you to cultivate unconditional love and acceptance, and ultimately, the periods of harmony and peace will far outweigh the moments of frustration.
The way you can measure how far you’ve come on the journey is to recognize how much peace you are experiencing in this moment… what are you choosing right now?
Today my intention is to remember that there are always new levels to explore.
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