True spiritual practice is about opening to life.

That’s Right! I am willing to receive a miracle

“One of the most powerful tools for awakening truth in the midst of your chaotic daily life is to take frequent pauses. Simply stop for a moment and feel what your life is right now. Right now: stop reading and simply experience what this moment feels like.

You can take these pauses anytime throughout the day. Sitting down to meditate is helpful but it’s not necessary. Just settle into any moment and simply feel it. With whatever arises – anger, anxiety, restlessness – you don’t have to “let it go” because, after all, that would just be more doing, more effort. Just let it be there. Remind yourself to feel this.” ~ Ezra Bayda

Within that space of openness, it becomes possible to see the beauty that surrounds you. Gratitude lifts your energy to higher levels of consciousness and provides the opportunity to see more clearly.

Today my intention is to look forward with enthusiasm to the adventures of the day.

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