What matters most

The pathway to love is forgiveness. Leave the past behind and embrace the beauty of the present moment

That’s Right! I handle all my experiences with wisdom, love and ease

Living a life of grace allows us to grow from our challenges, find peace in the midst of sorrow or confusion and experience the vast, infinite healing power of the Divine. How gently can you greet and accept what is?

Awareness heals. Bring your attention to how you respond to the situations you experience. Sometimes you may be amazed at your own motivation and empowerment and others may leave you wondering what in the world just happened. Act with integrity, do your best, accept what is – this is the process of awakening.

Choose to see beyond the labels of good and bad, recognizing all experiences as opportunities to awaken. You can embrace life’s wonder and mystery as easily in the midst of traffic as you can meditating on a mountaintop.

Today my intention is to live with an open heart.

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