Love and detachment

The mind is our greatest source of pain.

That’s Right! I hold no cherished outcome

All relationships, whether fleeting or enduring, are about working on our own growth. With this in mind, consider those you have drawn into your life and consciously choose to take responsibility for your own joy.

The awakened spirit seeks only to be love. The ego attaches to specific desires, thus creating pain and unhappiness. Oftentimes, others will appear in our lives to participate in situations that bring our awareness to old, limiting patterns, beliefs and expectations that are silently running our lives.

When we choose to utilize these moments of insight by going inward and tending to our own state of consciousness, we create space in which a transformation can occur because the ego is not engaged. As we mature spiritually, joy in relationships becomes possible.

Today my intention is to live from the heart. Openness and love can be expressed in limitless ways, extending to others, the Self, nature and more… there are always new levels to explore.

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