Finding the gap

Life’s wonder and mystery can be discovered wherever you are.

“I am now willing to see my own beauty and magnificence.” 
~Louise Hay~
Learn to quiet the endless chatter of the mind and find the gap – between thoughts, words, notes of music, ideas or actions – this is the space of pure potential. Nothingness can sometimes be overwhelming because there is nothing to cling to, nor is there any indication of what is to come. In the face of the unknown, some become nervous and fill the void with repetitive thought or behavior, mindless tv, busyness and drama… anything to silence the fear of the ego.

The Buddha called this space “shunyata” which indicates a moment that is vibrant with all possibilities, absolute potential, the unmanifested. When we learn to relax into the silence and simply treasure this moment of existence, we create the space in which a transformation can occur. Why do you worry? The sacred is at hand. Something new is waiting to be born.
Today my intention is to open my consciousness to the expansion of life. There is plenty of space for me to grow and change.
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