Be different

Mastery is having conscious, consistent and loving responses to life.

“I expect life to be safe and joyous. I attract all that is good.” 
~Louise Hay~
Old Souls must walk a different path. It can be challenging to observe many in the world embrace the idea of accumulation or others’ acceptance and outside verification as an indicator of personal value; however, it’s helpful to keep in mind that our planet is still transitioning from a Young Soul level to a Mature Soul level. Young Souls are here to learn about money, power and control while Mature Souls seek to heal one another, their communities and the world while learning through excessive drama. Both play necessary and supporting roles in the collective soul growth of the planet.

Old souls have already lived through many lifetimes and lessons and are now expanding to higher levels of consciousness. This calls upon us to experience life from a new perspective. One challenge of being an old soul is often feeling misunderstood or even ridiculed by those around you, and that is as it should be. Honor all paths as sacred while walking in your own integrity.

Be willing to be the change you wish to see in the world. Live in ways that create a space where loving kindness and forgiveness are possible. You also play an important role in our collective awakening.
Today my intention is to stay balanced. When I am at peace, I have more to share with others.
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