Entering the mystery

When you view life as a mystery, new doors will open for you.

“I rise above all limitations. I am Divinely guided and inspired.” 
~Louise Hay~
Another word for mind is “maya” which is a Hindu expression for illusion. Those who are trapped in thought become lost in the mire of projection, seeing only what they are programmed to see. The only thing that transforms this prison is silence. Pay attention to your thoughts and you’ll notice that they are all ideas that have been passed down from others.

The mind is not reality; it is a limited interpretation of experience. Once you lock into an idea, you block all other possibility. Seeing life as a mystery implies that it cannot be solved or understood. We learn to become open, receptive and clear. Thoughts come and go, but the stillness of your eternal being always remains.

Freedom comes from cultivating an awareness of your ability to create joy in your experience. Allow life to happen by simply being present for what arises in the present moment.

“If you understand it, the world is a great device to make you more conscious. Your enemy is your friend, and the curses are blessings, and the misfortunes can be turned into fortunes. It depends only on one thing: if you know the key of awareness.”
Today my intention is to remember that honesty is living without pretense. I have nothing to prove and everything to discover.
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