Keeping things simple

I am grateful.

“I choose harmony and loving communication wherever I am.” 
~Louise Hay~
The mind loves to have a problem to fix. It keeps things complicated and thus reinforces the fog of illusion in which many reside. There are many paths to wholeness, but the simplest truths are the answer to life’s most challenging questions.

Resist nothing – what you fight, you strengthen. Rather than criticize, accept. Embrace what is and create inner balance prior to taking action. Begin your day with gratitude and let your actions be led by love.

Humans are paradoxical and dual by nature. We, like all of life, are a blend of light and dark. Rather than denying one side verses the other, we must integrate all the facets of our humanness and bring them into the light of consciousness. Seeing oneself clearly is an important aspect of enlightenment.

You’ll feel more empowered when you create a healthy and balanced approach to life. The world around you will act as a reflection, showing you your grace and progress on the path of transformation.
Today my intention is to be a authentic example of the love, light and laughter of the Universe.
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