Fall in love

It’s time to fall madly in love with life.

“With my loving attitude, I help to create a world where it is safe for us to love one another.” 
~Louise Hay~
When unencumbered by the mind, happiness is our true, natural state of being. In this world filled with infinite possibility and perception, how often do you choose to experience grace and gratitude in the present moment? Rather than seeking love from an outside source, be love. Allow it to inform the energy of every cell of your being.

Choose to fall madly in love with life. The mind is full of doubt; however, the heart understands the language of silence. In the peace of the present moment, allow yourself to live with an open heart.

“Spiritual practice is about increasingly entering into love – not personal love, but the love that is the nature of our being.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Your love and light and laughter can transform this moment into a miracle.
Today my intention is to take time today to bask in the love and light of my life. I am grateful!
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