Honor all paths as sacred

Many lifetimes, many journeys, one destination.

“This planet is my home. I take loving care of the earth and all the living creatures upon it.” 
~Louise Hay~
Allow your life to be a loving conversation with the Divine. All that you see is sacred and every moment is an opportunity to evolve. As you become more open, loving and vulnerable, you will naturally feel and understand more. When you live in wonder, you participate in the dance of awakening.

Every moment is new. When you choose to seek inner wisdom, everyone and everything becomes your teacher. Limiting beliefs and blockages simply create repetitive circumstances that will repeat in your experience until they are no longer required. Notice any unhealthy patterns in your life and then consciously do things differently. Your insights will become breakthroughs.

Life can be experienced as a struggle, a celebration or neutral peacefulness. The awakening master sees all as sacred and recognizes the infinite potential that each of us has. We are here to walk one another home.
Today my intention is to speak with compassion, to listen without judgment and to hold space for those who are still in the process of discovery.
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