Believe in yourself

You are stronger than you know.

“All that I seek is already within me.” 
~Louise Hay~
Challenging moments provide an opportunity to put our inner wisdom and spiritual insights into practice. Often, when we begin working on a particular aspect of self-improvement, it seems that the energy around that idea rises to the surface in various forms.

For instance, when working on transforming poverty consciousness (fear, lack and struggle) into a state of abundance (the feeling of having more than you need, being empowered and safe in the physical world), new challenges around money may arise. As we explore our ability to create or courageously face our fears, we strengthen the aspects of personality that will benefit us as we move forward.

You have the ability to face whatever unfolds in your life. Challenges manifest in response to the soul’s desire to grow. On the highest levels of existence your soul has agreed to participate and its helpful to remember that your higher self knows exactly what it is doing.

So rather than wishing that a particular situation would go away or fix itself, consciously turn and face it with the knowledge that it is here for your benefit. Your willingness to accept the present moment creates a space in which a transformation can occur.
Today my intention is to remember that I create my own experiences. As I love and approve of myself and others, my life reflects this ease and grace back to me.
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