Take one conscious step forward

Begin from where you are with what you have.

“I break new ground and begin exciting new ventures.” 
~Louise Hay~
Sometimes change can feel overwhelming. We imagine a goal and ego misdirects with thoughts of “How?” or that it will be hard. No matter what you wish to create, simply begin from where you are. Take one conscious step forward and focus on what you can accomplish today. Small actions create big movement in our lives.

You can transcend the habit of procrastination. Just for today, focus on making healthy choices or take baby steps toward a particular goal. Keep your actions small and manageable. At the end of the day observe how you feel. Realize that your actions send waves of vibrant energy throughout the Universe and your point of power is always in the present. Nothing is more important than how you choose to experience
this moment.

When you allow the new to enter your life, your life is transformed. Often the smallest of ideas can inspire new direction and fresh perspectives while motivating us to explore undiscovered facets of our strength and abilities.

“Action comes out of energy, out of delight. Activity is businesslike. Action is poetry; activity creates bondage because it is result oriented.  … When action arises in you, it has a totally different dimension. You act moment to moment, and each moment is enough unto itself.”
Today my intention is to remember that I am in the perfect place at the perfect time. I can take one more conscious step forward.
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