Creating a sacred space

Consider your home a sacred space.

That’s Right! I fill my life with love, laughter, music and joy

It’s important to remember to tend to the energetic health of your home space. Any emotions that we experience emit powerful vibrations that remain behind; therefore, focus upon being conscious of what you create or allow around you. Setting intentions, smudging, playing music that makes you feel peaceful or lighting candles to shift the energy can have a dramatic impact.

At least once a month, open a few windows or doors and cleanse the space with white sage, lavender/sage spray or pure tones saying, “Negativity out! Only love, joy and beauty remain.” The heavy or unbalanced energy will dissipate and you’ll create a lighter, empowered energy that will effect all who enter your space. This can be used at home, work or in your car.

Remember that what you see and experience is only about 1% of what is truly happening around you. There is much more to life than meets the eye and cleansing your space is a great way to access your own strength and consciously step into your role as a co-creator. Be the peace you wish to see in the world.

Today my intention is to create a space of peace, power, growth and transformation.

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