The flow of abundance

In this vast, infinite universe, there is more than enough energy for all to experience abundance and fulfillment

That’s Right! I am open and willing to receive all the joy that the Universe has to offer

Each person resides under the law of their own prosperity consciousness. No matter what you choose to believe, life will support it. Rejoice in the blessings that others manifest in their lives, be generous in your giving, open your arms and be willing to receive.

Your thoughts and attention direct your energy. Personal beliefs of lack and limitation block the ability to recognize abundance. Bless all that is already in your life. Enjoy paying bills and taxes, make sure that you are not rejecting the gifts that come your way and treat yourself with love and kindness.

As we begin to create feelings of greater safety and abundance in our own lives, it becomes easier to demonstrate kindness and generosity to others. Everything is energy and life responds to you. Know that your constantly expanding consciousness will be demonstrated by choices that support creating and living the life of your dreams.

Today my intention is to rejoice in others’ successes knowing that there is plenty for all

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