The magic of kindness

spring equinox
Every action sends waves of energy throughout the Universe. What are you adding to our collective experience?

That’s Right! I am responsible for my own joy

Life is easy to understand. It is an ebb and flow of energy and we are the source. Every thought that we think creates our future. Our beliefs are projected into the situations we experience, and therefore; when we create peace and balance in our minds, we find that energy in our lives.

Don’t give away your power by placing blame on others. Taking personal responsibility creates empowerment and allows you to access the realm of infinite possibility. Break free from limiting beliefs by changing your thoughts.

Thoughts may seem instinctive and habitual but you always have the power of choice. Many struggle with self-judgment or guilt, constantly hearing the voice of that inner critic. Recognize any patterns by examining the repeating events in your experience. Shining the light of consciousness upon old programming is the first step of transformation. As you find peace in the present moment, the natural flow of energy is kindness to the self that extends to those around you.

Small kindnesses in thoughts, words and actions create a life filled with the healing power of love. Be conscious of your inner dialogue, keeping it peaceful. Your point of power is in the present moment.

Today my intention is to be a lifetime student of love. There is always something new to learn.

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