Breakthroughs in Consciousness

In every moment we have a choice: evolve or repeat.

“Only the individual can rise to the heights of consciousness and awareness. The more you belong to the crowd, the deeper you fall into darkness.”

Your journey is unique, yet shared with every other individual on the planet. Ultimately, each of us must have our own breakthroughs while releasing all that blocks us from the ability to give and receive love.

The journey is fraught with unknown adventures and the only way to transcend to higher levels of consciousness is to experience your adventures with an open heart. Turn and face your fears. Know that you have the insight and wherewithal to rise above and shine like the brightest star in the heavens.

Make this your moment of transformation. Seek out the mystery of your individuality and let it inform the shape of your soul. There is a call to love happening now. Answer that calling in a way that is in alignment with your true nature and your life’s purpose will be revealed.

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