You Are Love

Choose to fall madly in love with life.

“Unconditional love really exists in each of us. It is part of our deep inner being. It is not so much an active emotion as a state of being. It’s not “I love you” for this or that reason, not “I love you if you love me.” It’s love for no reason, love without an object. It’s just sitting in love, a love that incorporates the chair and the room and permeates everything around. The thinking mind is extinguished in love.”  
~Ram Dass~
Seek love – in the mirror, in the breeze, within life… Love resides at the core of everything we experience; however, one must be alert to perceive it. You may hear the mind saying, “The world is filled with hatred. There is no love in violence.” Look beyond the obvious. Love and hate are two sides of the same contrasting experience. One cannot exist without the other. Therefore, hatred ultimately teaches us about the strength and truth of love.
Recognizing love becomes easier when you have learned to love yourself. Without the distraction of negative or critical self-talk, we are able to see with the heart. If you cannot find love in a given situation, be the one to bring love to it. Your light can transform the darkness.
The energy of Oneness permeates all of existence. It connects us. It frees us and allows our energy to expand to touch the world with something immensely powerful and transformative.
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