Collective Awakening

Everything we experience offers another opportunity to awaken.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
~Albert Einstein~

Each of us plays a part in the collective awakening of the planet. Start by going within. Have the courage to face your own shadows and shine the light of consciousness upon them. This purposeful observation and awareness begins the transformation. The more peaceful you are on the inner, the more compassion and kindness you will demonstrate in your interactions.

There are various aspects to spiritual awakening: personal, ancestral, collective. We begin by focusing on the self, healing old wounds, releasing judgment and anger and discovering healthy empowerment. But growth doesn’t end there. Our expanding sense of “We are One” takes on new meaning as we open our hearts to show others the way. By teaching we anchor our knowledge and are compelled to apply it consistently in our life situations.
Personal evolution transforms into collective growth. The members of our soul group are also affected and will share in the new energy we emit. As you clear your own karmic imbalances, it frees those spirits to explore new aspects of their own awakening.
We are called upon to participate in a living, evolving experience of mutual awakening as the highest form of awareness. Love, teach, be an example… repeat.
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