Inner harmony

When we are able to connect with the heart and engage with the world from there, we create a sense of harmony that flows throughout our experiences. The art of being receptive and flowing with what life offers is a skill that we cultivate each time we enter the silence of being. Joy is such a personal and powerful vibration that takes us beyond words to a place of pure simplicity.

This sense of inner harmony comes from dropping distractions, expectation and demands and honoring this step of your path as sacred. If your happiness is reliant upon outside events or circumstances, you will forever be at the mercy of the minds interpretations of the present moment, the past or the future; however, the limitless joy of your heart can never be taken from you. There is nothing more important than your inner state of consciousness. Spiritual awakening is a process of developing a greater awareness of what you already possess. This moment holds limitless possibility – what will you choose to do with it?

Today my intention is to allow love to operate in all my relationships.

Do your best, act with integrity, accept what is

Do your best, act with integrity, accept what is.

This mantra can shift the course of your life and create greater peace within your experience. Every moment is filled with choices and we have the opportunity to flow our energy into the Now with consciousness and love. It can be difficult to watch someone you love make decisions that cause themselves pain; however, we can learn how to hold space and accept what is while honoring their journey as sacred.

When we approach life with integrity, a sense of peace accompanies our thoughts and actions. We don’t waste precious energy wondering if we’ve done the right thing because we have acted in a way that is in alignment with our inner guidance. That’s not to say that it’s always easy to know the best course of action. Our vision is often limited in the midst of the great mystery of awakening. Tend to your own state of consciousness and allow love to flow into the present moment.

Living with intention opens the doorway to a passionate life filled with meaning. What could be better than that?

Today my intention is to remember that all things work to our highest good. 

This too shall pass

Whether engaged in a challenge or riding the waves of success, know that “This too shall pass.” Everything has a beginning and an end and as you learn to embrace whatever the present moment has to offer, you will discover the freedom which comes from being an infinite spark of the Divine. Whatever joy comes, appreciate it and know that it is a result of facing your challenges with a conscious mind and a loving heart.

Like the waves of the ocean, the highs and lows are equally important and the natural course of a healthy flow. Enjoy both. Moments of downturn provide needed relaxation and precede breakthroughs. When things don’t work the way the mind expects, it’s important to remember that our human vision is very limited and trust that the tapestry of life is being woven in the perfect way.

Using the tapestry as an analogy, the backside is sometimes a mishmash of confusion, threads cross one another and the picture is hard to appreciate; however, the front is a work of art and the picture is clear . Both are part of the end result. Together we weave a tapestry of exquisite design, each thread and color combining in perfection and beauty… your role is to be present and add your gifts of experience and insight to this work of art we call awakening.

Today my intention is to share love. Together we bring beauty to the world.


Trust the processes of your awakening. Every step of the way is ultimately guided by love and just when things are looking like they’re falling apart, they are really falling together. Often, the physical reality we experience is the opposite of what is occurring on the spiritual level. It’s easy to see our challenges as frustrations instead of vehicles for healing while in the midst of them. Only later do we witness the brilliance of the Divine in motion in our lives. There is great beauty in the free fall of a quantum leap of consciousness… and always, we discover that with trust, something immense opens in our lives.

Today my intention is to remember that true treasures are those which can never be lost. I trust the processes of my awakening.

Living with purpose

We share the same inner purpose – to awaken – and everyone is at various points on the journey of transformation. This can be hard to remember when we witness someone who is lost in fear, anger or dysfunction; however, each of us is a master in the process of awakening to our true nature and purpose. As soon as you become clear about who and what you are, you will draw in the challenges and circumstances that will allow you to share your light.

It’s easy to get lost in physical life. We find a mate or career, entwine with family and community, explore topics of interest or develop a skill. All of these beautiful aspects are our outer purpose. The outer purpose provides the vehicle for our inner purpose which patiently waits for expression. In order to blend the two, it’s important to live every moment to its highest and best use.

If life feels directionless, or you find yourself simply responding and reacting to what you see, it’s time to become clear about your unique purpose. Life is a blank slate and you have the opportunity to create whatever you wish. It begins with knowing the different between doing and being. Nothing truly matters but the state of consciousness that you choose to bring to this moment. From there, from that beautiful state of being, anything is possible.

Today my intention is to live the life of my dreams.


You are much more than the sum of your experiences. Beyond the dualities of life resides a unified space of Wholeness. Compassion is learned from the endless dance of awakening that we share. The mystical union of grace and strength is born from walking through our challenges with conscious awareness… always seeking to discover the lesson and blend it into our unique way of experiencing the world.

Repeating patterns will always show you the aspects within you that are ready to be healed. Step into the role of observer – detached, clear and calm – and be a loving witness to your own growth. You have the ability to stop playing the tape of limiting thought and recognize that those feelings of doubt are lingering baggage from the past.

The only way to blend all the sparkling facets of who you truly are is to go inward. At the center of your being lies an infinite and powerful connection that can only be rediscovered after experiencing the illusion of separation. Integration of all that you have learned allows you to reach new levels in your own awakening. And the best part of playing in a Universe of infinite possibility? We are always at the beginning with limitless potential to explore.

Today my intention is to rely on Divine wisdom to guide and support me at all times.

Making choices based in love

Let all your decisions be made from a space of love rather than fear. When choosing a job, beginning or ending a relationship, whether or not to spend time with family or anything else you can imagine, let love be your guide. Facing challenges becomes a conscious act of devotion – we strive to find the lesson or help another to heal. Our integrity and passion lifts our actions and provides greater strength in whatever we choose to do.

Conversely, if you stay in a situation out of fear of facing the unknown, it can be masked as duty or charity; however, the momentum becomes lost. The vibration of fear brings limitation, not only in our own beliefs about our abilities but in the possibilities we allow ourselves to see.

The place to begin is within. Learning to love the self ensures that you will walk life’s path with greater confidence and faith in your choices. Spend the entire day today making decisions based upon love and witness how different the energy is. There is much more power in choosing not to spend time with someone who is toxic because you love yourself, rather than because you “hate” them. Staying in a job because you’re afraid of losing income has less power than taking a conscious risk to build the life of your dreams. Let yourself be led by love.

Today my intention is to expand into new directions.

Going with the flow

In order to go with the flow of life, one must master the art of being receptive, accepting and passive without becoming apathetic or asleep to the rhythms of transformation. This ease and grace begins with releasing judgment about whatever unfolds, thus releasing resistance. The more aware you become, the easier it is to immerse yourself in the waters of existence knowing that life will support you and get you where you need to go.

The pilgrimage you walk is unique and each step is a sacred place. In times of movement and change we are reminded to embrace the new. This attitude of openness and acceptance opens us to new experiences and, in turn, we discover limitless possibilities, create friendships and find more opportunities to explore.

Today my intention is to know that everything is happening exactly as it should.

Inner joy

Each of us is responsible for our own happiness… and yet, all too often we expect to find it in a mate, job, family interactions, the amount of money in a bank account or possessions. When we reach a particular goal there is a surge of joy and fulfillment which feels wonderful. We may not recognize that momentary happiness is a by-product of the ego act of seeking outside of ourselves until it is taken from us in some way. And then the pendulum swings the other direction and feelings of loss, sadness or anger ensue and with them (hopefully) an awareness that we still have access to an inner joy that is not dependent upon outside events. Then even the loss or frustration has served a beautiful purpose in our awakening.

As we develop our own inner richness and maturity, we become less attached to the romanticized ideas of our youth. We cultivate our connection to the Divine which flows joy into the present moment, sometimes surprisingly during a challenge – we are lifted by the sight of a beautiful sunset or find ourselves sitting at ease breathing in the gift of life – and we discover a new approach, how to accept or forgive and take the necessary steps toward healing.

Today my intention is to rejoice in what I have and greet challenges with open arms.

Infinite potential

Today is filled with infinite possibility and a spark of that energy of potential lives within you waiting to be expressed. As adults, we have become limited by our past experiences and, as a result, we develop a temporary blindness to our own ability to discover the limitless joy of soaring beyond mind-made limitation.

You have a lifetime to study the art of love. All that is required is the willingness to search for the Oneness that connects us all and seek to remove any barriers within you against that knowledge. Pay attention to your thoughts and words throughout the day – do you hear “I can’t”, “I always”,  “I never” or “I should have”? All are limiting. Purposefully utilize “How can I create…”, “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” or “I’m willing to receive a miracle” instead.

All change begins from within. Consciously noticing limiting patterns and shifting your thoughts and statements to a higher vibration opens you to more possibilities. Spiritual awakening is a process. There are days where you notice improvement and those where you may miss the mark and that’s ok. The noticing itself will create a space in which transformation can happen.

Today my intention is to remember that I am free to respond to life from the highest level, no matter what the situation or what others choose.