Mind, matter and spirit

Allow room for the miraculous to enter your life.
That’s right! I am constantly moving forward in the direction of my goals

There are three levels of existence in which we move – matter, mind and spirit. The first is our physical world and all that we experience with our five senses. This realm is our playground and it is also where we see the results of our creations.

The second level is called the quantum domain and it consists of information and energy. All energy plays a role depending upon it’s specific vibration. Everything that we experience is a part of this collective energy. This is how people feel one another. Consider how many times someone has contacted you just when you had them on your mind.

Even though you may perceive boundaries based upon what you see in the physical world, everything is connected through energy. Your thoughts become things.

The third level of existence is consciousness. This is where infinite possibilities dwell – pure potential. The level of our consciousness determines what we are able to perceive and ultimately the space in which we create.

Keep your dreams and desires specifically vague. Allow room for things to manifest by releasing thoughts of limitation. Miracles happen all the time and transformation is happening within you and all around you.

Today, my intention is to be enthusiastic about life. I am willing to explore the realm of infinite possibility.

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