Soul recognition

Each time you deeply connect with someone, consider the possibility that you have interacted with them for many, many lifetimes.
That’s right! All my relationships are harmonious. I love the people I draw into my life

When we meet someone with whom our soul has history, there’s a powerful moment of recognition and attraction. We have a strong response and feel the need to interact with one another.  Pay attention to these soul connections – they often portend that a karmic contract is ready to begin.

Soul contracts play an important role on our journey. When we honor the path as sacred and interact with an open heart, we create the space in which a transformation can occur. The dance between soul mates is one of awakening and each moment has something to teach. Keep in mind that each of us has 30-40 soul mates that we tend to interact with in every lifetime. Though we may change roles, the soul’s recognition remains constant.

Treat those you love with kindness. They have agreed to play a specific role in your growth and without them, a significant piece would be missing from the sparkling facets of your personality.

Today, my intention is to open my consciousness to all the wonderful possibilities of life.

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