The space in between

It is said that all we need is already within us. We initally begin our quest for happiness by trying to do well – to fall in love, to earn a living, to have purpose in our lives. Eventually though, as each goal is attained (and sometimes lost again) the search draws inward and we begin to realize that authentic joy is something that cannot be measured by outward manifestation, but by the inner richness and maturity we develop as awakening souls.

The most glorious thing about that insight is the empowerment we discover… no longer do we give away our power to other people or outside situations. Instead, knowing that all physical forms are temporary, we find that we can choose joy now and expand it outward into every area of our lives.

Stay ever alert and present. Become the observer and learn how to rise above thought. We are sparks of the Divine experiencing itself through the witnessing of contrasts within human experience. There is dark and light and the space in between. When we step into that neutral space as the observer, we merge with the infinite energy of the Divine. This is why we learn to drop judgment. In judgement we are merging with one of the two polarities and it becomes difficult to step into that neutral space that awaits us.

Conscious awareness creates the space in which a transformation can occur. The transformation begins in your thoughts and responses to situations and because you bring a different energy to your experiences, everything must shift in response. That’s how powerful you are.

Take a moment to sit in silence. Notice your breath, the rhythms of your body and the flow of thought which arises. How hard or easy is it to draw into the neutral space of observation? It can take some practice to create that peaceful space within your mind, but there it waits – love in the space of stillness.

Today my intention is to align with the power of my conscious presence in the Now. All that I need is already here.

Sharing your gifts and energy

There are plenty of opportunities to share your unique gifts and energy. When you trust your instincts and allow your hearts knowledge to guide you, you’ll discover that you have all that you need and can give freely. Life will always offer situations that allow you to put new aspects of your knowledge and compassion to use and in the present moment, you have the ability to rise above the mechanisms of the ego and tap into the power of the Divine which flows through you. Trust yourself enough to take some risks or a joyful leap of faith.

Whether holding a hand out in friendship, standing together in the face of difficulty, or handling challenges with grace instead of fear, know that this deep and personal connection to the Divine flows through all that you choose to do. The light of love can grow strong when souls join together to weave a tapestry of empowerment and healing. You will find that which you seek.

Today my intention is to allow my heart to open fearlessly with faith, healthy boundaries, inspiration and freedom. Our love can light the world.

Reflect the light of consciousness

As your awareness opens to new levels, your energy begins to have a greater effect – not only on yourself and those around you but also on the collective consciousness of the planet. This is how we participate in the awakening of which we are all a part. Instead of joining in the maelstrom of belief that adds to the perceived lack in the world, we know that we can shift our energy around any problem and change inevitable will follow.

For instance, when you hear stories about those who struggle, you have a choice. You can allow your energy to add to the problem by worrying, complaining, blaming or choosing to be unhappy out of guilt at your good fortune or you can purposefully be part of the solution – physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Remember, where your attention goes, energy flows. There are many ways to raise consciousness around perceived limitation, but at the heart is the spiritual knowledge that outward lack or conflict is a reflection of the belief in lack and inner conflict within our collective consciousness. This is an infinite universe and there is enough for all.

The experience of lack occurs when some choose to hoard energy for themselves out of fear, greed, control and the like. The flow becomes blocked and when judgment arises, ego comes into play and holds that blocked energy in place. Step outside the traditional mind-created perception of good vs evil and begin with the premise that we all come from the same source of light and love. If someone has forgotten their connection to the Divine, hatred and judgment will never heal it. Instead, we must be the mirror that reflects the truth of that Presence and allow the inspiration of the Divine to elicit transformation within the situation.

When we say, “I am willing to accept a miracle” we align with the understanding that unseen energies can make all the difference in the world and in our collective experience of it. What would happen if we all joined together knowing beyond doubt that change is possible and that anyone can experience a shift in awareness, which in turn will shift behavior, beliefs and expectation? Wouldn’t that create a space in which transformation can occur? Apply this gift of love to situations both near and far, constantly work to raise your own frequency and trust that you are making a difference.

Today my intention is to be the change I wish to see in the world knowing that the light of consciousness shines through my thoughts, words and actions.


Trust, grace and getting yourself out of the way

All life is in a constant flow of creation, evolution and transformation. The infinite love of the Divine Intelligence resides within each and every particle of existence and we live more harmoniously within that flow when we are able to get ourselves out of the way.

The more you advance on your journey of spiritual awakening, the easier things become. As we mature, the less likely we are to attempt to control things from our limited perspective and instead allow life to unfold. You are perfection in this moment – yes, perfect even in spite of any perceived imperfection or blockage (and invariable because of it…).

Trusting the unfoldment of your life doesn’t mean floating aimlessly lost in the minutia of experience, rather, it’s a purposeful response and the conscious choice to move in whatever direction is required without losing our way. This flexibility is what allow us to be authentic instruments of Divine intelligence, bringing aspects of creativity and healing into our lives and, by extension, the consciousness of the planet.

One of the most beautiful aspects to living a conscious life is the discovery of the power of grace. Grace comes from trusting in the rightness of what is unfolding, regardless of how it appears, and from cultivating the knowledge that the Divine is more powerful than any perceived obstacle.

Spend the day observing what unfolds in your experience. Stop fighting and move into the energy of acceptance in every moment and see what happens. Notice when the mind wishes to take control (recognizing the voice of ego) and consciously do the opposite of what it directs you to do. You are stronger than you know, dear one. The strength of the Divine flows through you and can be accessed within the stillness of the present moment.

Today my intention is to go with the flow. I choose to embrace joy, trust, love and gratitude and honor all things and all paths as sacred.

Awareness is the key to transformation

Trying to change yourself prevents true transformation. Usage of the word trying implies that there is a possibility of failure – we hear people say that they are trying to do better, to lose weight, to be less angry, to meditate more… and if you observe, you may notice that they are the ones who struggle the most.

Awareness is the key to transformation. We notice, observe and ask ourselves without judgment whether the choices we are making are leading us toward empowerment and freedom or keeping us caught within the stories of the ego. Invariable, the concept of trying gets caught up with the energy of the next phrase which surely contains the word but and the reason for missing the mark.

Simply focus upon what you wish to heal in your experience and remain in a high state of consciousness regarding that desire. You can certainly choose things which support your growth each step of the way. If you find that you aren’t, the answer lies within and can often be found in silence. Ultimately, your greatest teacher is your own experience. Spiritual insight cannot be found in a book or teaching, though they can certainly point you in a direction that will assist your inner journey.

Bring a gentle awareness to the layers of your conditioning. The more aware you become, the more power that connects you to the old patterns dissolves. The purpose of life is to become awake to who we truly are – part of the vast mystery residing in a space of infinite possibility. When we choose to see the physical experience as a series of opportunities to discover that truth, obstacles transform into wisdom. Limitation becomes laughter and we walk in harmony with life itself.

Today my intention is to say yes to life. Everything has purpose and my experience within the present moment is not tied to anything which has come before, but to the vastness of the Divine.

Infinite possibilities

When you’re ready to create vibrant and wonderful new changes in your life, it’s important to focus upon the end result of happiness. Happiness implies that things are flowing well… good health, friendships, financial flow, satisfying work and excitement on the Path of Transformation. Think big! The Universe has to expend the same amount of energy to manifest changes – whether large or small – and where we place our attention, the energy flows.

As we create the space in which something new can emerge, we need to do our part by taking conscious steps forward. Explore outside of your comfort zone, ensure that every possible avenue is open, be ready to receive a miracle and then release attachment to how things “should” unfold. Many times the Universe, in its infinite wisdom and vision, has so much more to provide than our limited expectations can conceive.

When operating from high vibration energies of happiness, joy, enthusiasm or gratitude, we draw in the circumstances that resonate with our frequency. Nothing of delight has ever been created from fear, doubt or worry, and in fact those very energies actually repel all the good that wants to flow into your experience. In essence, when we reside in fear, we are telling the Universe that we aren’t yet ready to receive (typically because of doubts regarding our worthiness or the fear of failure).

Begin now. Find joy in the little things and allow it to expand outward throughout every area of your life. Open the heart chakra and be kind to yourself and others, making healthy choices that balance mind, body and spirit. Visualize yourself as a joyful aspect of the Divine and live fully present, powerful and aware. All that you send out into the Universe will surely return to you.

Today my intention is to celebrate the beauty of the day and honor the path of my awakening by sharing my gifts.

The energy of your intention in motion

From time to time you may face challenges that alow the ego to slip in and momentarily take over your state of consciousness. This can be felt as anxiety, fear, confusion, stress or simply feeling off-balance. Part of the human experience – which is ultimately the expanding experience of the Divine – is to learn how to utilize the tools we have discovered in order to create transformation within ourselves and within our perception.

View all challenges as opportunities to apply your new skills and spiritual knowledge, dear one. You have the ability to change how you respond, how you think and consciously direct the flow of your energy back to joy.

There is nothing more empowering than witnessing the incredible results of your energy and intention in motion. The creative aspect of the awakened manifester is recognized by unshakable faith despite moments when things appear to be blocked on the physical plane. There is nothing more important than your state of consciousness and as you outgrow old conditioning, you may discover new facets of beauty that are ready to shine.

Allow the healing energy of the Divine to help you to create positive new habits and patterns more aligned with what you’d like to experience in your life. Be patient with yourself and stop believing the stories that bring you pain. You are allowed to transform what you experience and it begins, always, within your thoughts and where you choose to place your energy. The Universe loves and supports you at all times and is ready to help you become more powerful than any perceived limitation or past programming.

Today my intention is to surrender any doubt or struggle and open to the blessings of the Divine knowing that infinite possibilities await. I open my heart to the limitless joy of love.

The journey is the goal

Your unique Path of Transformation is a sacred place and the journey itself is the goal. Each step that you take is important and each moment has meaning and purpose designed specifically for your spiritual awakening.

During times of movement and change, cultivate an attitude of acceptance. This opens your energy to receive new friendships and experiences into your life. So many people focus only on the destination and do not take the time to enjoy the pilgrimage. They rush from place to place, only to create a new goal the moment one is reached and often forget to savor the delights of the journey.

The old patterns of conditioning are ready to be transformed into the stepping-stones of the past. As you emerge into the light of your true potential, your individuality will be able to shine like never before. Be dedicated to freedom. Listen more, speak less and become the wisdom which you seek.

Let your higher guidance know that you are ready to see clearly. Prepare for new information and inspiration by consistently releasing those things which no longer serve you… and then, simply pay attention. Walk your adventure with faith. Be kind to yourself, offering supportive self-talk and insight, and create a space in which something new can emerge.

Today my intention is to be the love I wish to see in the world, to slow down and enjoy this moment and the beauty it has to offer.

Infinite possibilities, infinite choices

Here you stand at the precipice of a brand new day filled with infinite possibility… how will you use it?

There are new dimensions of the Self to be explored, friendships to discover, wonders to see and old wounds ready to be healed.

Let your choices be led by joy and intention. Share your gifts and consciously send out love whenever you think of it – it helps tremendously, and you can make a difference by shining a light in the darkness.

This moment is filled with infinite possibility… why do what you’ve already mastered? Step outside your comfort zone and see what you discover.

Today my intention is to learn something new. I am willing to dance with the joy of life.

The quest for love

As you develop your inner richness and maturity, you’ll find that others will be drawn to you. In a world filled with busyness, opinion, drama and all the games which people play, the advanced spiritual seeker provides a calm space of respite.

The quest for love is actually a desire to achieve wholeness. Initially, we look outside ourselves for someone to make us feel complete. This distracts us from the true work of discovering our inner divinity and balance. Relationships offer a beautiful opportunity to practice finding that inner balance, and as we expand more fully into love, those who grace our lives will surely transform as well.

When we bring a sense of wholeness and peace into our interactions, it becomes easier to remain aware and fully present within the Now. We can connect with one another from the level of spirit.

Old souls typically break the chains of society’s repressive conditioning and opinions. They rise above unconsciousness and begin to live aligned with their true nature. Those who have yet to awaken find this upsetting… so used to misery, they see the enlightened person as unique and mysterious. In a space of love, consciously hold up a mirror and allow those with whom you interact to witness their own infinite potential.

Today my intention is to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity. Let me be a loving reflection of the peace and presence in others.