Trust your inner wisdom.

“Here’s to walking my own path.
Here’s to claiming my birthright, my sovereign power.
Here’s to walking the sacred ground.
Here, to break down any walls between the self and the higher calling.
May every prayer be a celebration.”
~Petra Poji~

Healthy, life-affirming choices are made from a space of joy or love rather than one of fear. When faced with the need to make a decision, pause to breathe, meditate, express gratitude or journal your thought processes. Raise your vibration to the highest level of consciousness that you can prior to taking action.

Inner wisdom is always available. It typically comes quietly, bringing a sense of peacefulness and direction. Conversely, the ego is loud, reactive and repetitive, creating anxiety which results in confusion or procrastination.

Being led by joy cultivates the ability to trust the process of your own awakening. Act from the heart and allow your life circumstances to unfold as they will. New insights await discovery as you explore the mysteries of this beautiful journey. Embrace any challenges or perceived mistakes with love and they will be transformed into the most poignant and powerful moments of your life.


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