The flow of change

The river of life is constantly flowing and changing, as are you. In each moment, the veils of illusion that once blocked your vision are being cleansed away. Evolution is the law of life and as you walk your unique Path of Transformation, every aspect of your being is healed. Sometimes the shifts are subtle […]

Falling madly in love with life

Are you willing to fall madly in love with life? The journey is not about creating a static, uniform approach to each moment… there is no right way to live and yet people often try to do what they perceive they should instead of exploring their unique destiny. This moment is filled with wonder. Meditate, […]

Expect joy

Expect joy. Seek to experience grace and ease within your life situation and realize that the answers you desire are within you. When we choose to change our thoughts, the world around us is transformed. Your energy flows into whatever you focus upon; therefore, set your sights on happiness and retrain the mind to consistently […]

Spontaneous wisdom

Impatience is an indicator that we do not trust the process of our awakening. The ego wants events to unfold differently than they are and creates a low level of anxiety, always seeking for the next thing. This is a distraction that prevents us from truly appreciating the present moment and all that it has […]

The magic and mystery of life

In order to experience the true magic and mystery of life, we must be willing to step into the unknown. The mind often seeks safety, creating judgments and opinions that stop us in our tracks and prompt us to remain immersed within the known; however, the Path of Transformation teaches us to learn how to […]

The journey of a awakening soul

No matter what you wish to achieve, you can set energy in motion right now. What steps can you take today to accelerate the momentum while opening pathways to receive? Be at ease in the fullness of who you are in this moment knowing that each conscious step and decision carries the power of intention. […]

Miracles in the making

At this very moment there are miracles in the making. Tiny threads of intention and action are weaving beautiful patterns that will be expressed within your experience. The energy behind this powerful alchemy flows directly from the Divine, through you, and into the world of form. It is our responsibility to open as many energetic […]

Transformation and integration

It’s time to release the struggle and receive the flow of healing which can touch each and every area of your life. Holding an attitude of openness creates a space in which transformation can occur and there is great power to be discovered when we cultivate the art of acceptance. It allows us to rise […]

Mastery and empowerment

Each of us stands in the power of our own hard-won truth. Mastery comes from the balancing and integration of inner knowledge gained from the lessons and challenges we’ve experienced and from leaving behind the limitation of old conditioning and judgment. Compare your perception and responses to life now as compared to those you experienced six […]