Compassionate Detachment

“There is a nobility in compassion, a beauty in empathy, a grace in forgiveness.”
~John Connolly~

It can be challenging to stand on the sidelines as someone you love struggles with a lesson, embraces limiting beliefs or wanders the labyrinths of depression. Most people have someone in their lives who cannot be reached through well-meaning words, the sharing of books and ideas or the gift of compassion. They cannot move into a space of healing because the filters through which they view life simply will not allow it.

In those situations, the spiritual seeker must learn the art of Compassionate Detachment. Honoring the paths of those we love calls upon us to stand aside and allow them the dignity of discovery. Consider your spiritual awakening – it was a very personal breakthrough, wasn’t it?

If you try to move someone forward too quickly, well-intentioned actions can actually stunt their spiritual growth. It is also draining to worry, analyze or get frustrated – though all those very human responses are in our nature. Our role is to love without attachment. You may discover that this soul loves you enough to play the role of someone who is lost in order to facilitate your own expansion of consciousness.

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