Inspiration, Stillness and Wonder

Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen – that stillness becomes a radiance.
~Morgan Freeman~

This is a wonderful time to embrace your unique way of being. Do something creative, send healing and purposeful energy out into the Universe, meditate in the moonlight or embark upon something new.

The energies of self-awareness are penetrating, probing, mysterious and intense. When we are willing to turn and face our fears, embrace the unknown and let go of things which are no longer needed, the result is a rebirth, a spiritual transition which leads to awakened personal power.

Realize that the wisdom you seek is already within you. Choose to quiet the mind and journey to the stillness within and you create space in which transformation can occur. Inspiration can then come through observation – witnessing the gentle light of the moon, the subtle movement of the clouds, the whispers of trees, the dance of nocturnal creatures – enlightenment begins with the celebration of beauty in all things.

Relax into your deepest truth and there you will learn to appreciate the ever-changing majesty of life. In quiet acceptance we can walk gently with childlike delight, in awe of the world around us.


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