Beyond illusion

Existence is overflowing with possibility and opportunities for expansion. The ideas of poverty, comparison, lack and fear are man-made concepts. Abundance is everywhere – watch nature in motion, try to count the stars, measure the gifts of sunlight. To live is to create a joyful existence. To be abundant is to honor life in motion, finding beauty in the layers of texture, color and taste.

The illusions of the mind are rooted in memory, imagination, hopes and dreams. The ego seeks fulfillment – itself an illusion – and is fed by the stories we create from our experiences. It’s easy to become lost in the longing and forget to enjoy the richness of the Now. Mediation can pull you into the reality of infinite possibility, the land of no-thought, and suddenly the realization expands into new directions drawing the inner joy outward into the present moment.

Today my intention is to live each moment in a state of gratitude and awareness.

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