Love is waiting to be expressed

Love is waiting to be expressed through you. The powerful energy  of your words and actions sends ripples of movement and vitality throughout the Universe. It reaches hidden places and begins to transform the consciousness of the planet. Never doubt the impact that you have in this lifetime, for we are all interconnected. With this in mind, allow love to shine from where you are in this moment. Take the time to express love and gratitude throughout the day. If times are challenging, this is even more important – mindfulness creates momentum.

The kindnesses and acceptance that we extend to one another – the planet, animals, friends and strangers and even inanimate objects – reflect the knowledge of our own inner divinity. It is then reflected back to us in myriad ways and infinitely greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Seek to immerse yourself in this energy as much as possible, as often as possible. Be the change you wish to see and allow yourself to be a living channel for the love of the Divine.

Today my intention is to choose balance, kindness and freedom.

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