Everything that unfolds in your experience is meant only to assist your rising consciousness. Awareness will help you to transform challenges into blessings, perceived enemies into healing angels and setbacks into leaps forward. When things begin to go wrong that is the moment to become more alert. Instead of fighting against the present moment we learn to recognize the flow of rising consciousness. One can choose to become lost in the mind or stand outside of it.

When we bring a high level of awareness to whatever we do, we have greater power. Every situation has something to teach and this type of a walking daily meditation allows us to reap the benefits of what this world has to offer. Slow down and consciously choose to bring a greater awareness to whatever you choose to do today.

Your role is to be in harmony with this moment. Awaken to your true nature and rise above the mundane, even if for just this moment, and you will bring transformation into your experience. The gifts of the Divine are here Now.

Today my intention is to allow change to enrich my life.

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