Be the change

All transformation begins within. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

That’s Right! Peace begins with me. I know the point of power is always in the present moment

If you feel that anything is lacking in your experience, bring the driving force of an empowered co-creator to the present moment by purposely generating that particular energy. Life is your reflection. When you notice a trait that seems to be missing or exaggerated, it’s an indicator that your soul is getting ready to work on cultivating change.

Consciously bring the aspects that you wish to see into your own expression of life. If you desire to feel safe, drop all judgment so that others feel safe with you. When tired of gossip, speak with kindness. Should you notice others acting out angrily or with impatience, slow down and be fully present. Your light is where transformation begins.

It is safe for you to travel beyond the limitations of your parents programming, society’s perceptions and the fears of the past. You are here on this planet to assist with the awakening of our collective consciousness. This can only be done by bringing the light of the Divine into every circumstance and situation.

Today my intention is to radiate warmth and love.

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